Freedom is at the heart of yachting. A yacht allows freedom of choice, movement and environment. Your unique style, your comfort and your habitat requirements form the building blocks which we weave into each yacht design.

Sinot is a design house with more than 45 talented, international designers. We are inspired by early European modernism and Asian fusion minimalism, using a selection of material and color palettes, depending on the preferences of our clients. We always look for a connection between the exterior and interior of the yacht, using spatial layouts, connectivity, logic routing aboard and sightlines. We are known for our high standards of quality, functionality, security, comfort and other aspects that form solid criteria used to judge the design. Because aesthetics, however valuable, are in the eye of the beholder.

We strive to create modern classics which pay heed to the continued evolution of yacht design, while avoiding traditionalism and unnecessary avant-gardism. We ensure the design is balanced aesthetically and appeals for years and even decades to come, always with an awareness that our clients’ needs and tastes may change in the future.

Sinot can participate from the first sketch to the launch; our clients can follow every stage of the design in detail due to our advanced 3D visualization skills and clear communication. We are proud and honored to often receive the opportunity to carry out multiple projects for a client, which can be nautical by nature or for land-based residences.

We believe that the connection between our man-made world and the natural world becomes increasingly important in our modern, high-tech, urbanized world. That is why we are dedicated to forging a perfect connection between the interior design concept on board, the exterior architecture and layout on deck, and the overall profile. From the inside, windows, doors and glass façades are in harmony with the functionality of lounges, cabins and staterooms. From the outside, the entrance to the interior from decks, tenders and quays is intrinsic to the design of the exterior profile. And we always work with layouts that are flexible enough to accommodate just the owner and his close family, while also catering for large groups of family and friends.