Nature, in all its purity and greatness, offers a new perspective on yachting that transcends the traditional parameters of status and grandeur. A holistic approach allows the yacht to directly reflect the Owner’s true values in life: the richness of being and the intimacy of belonging. Nature grants those on-board every opportunity to be themselves in an atmosphere of complete tranquility and peacefulness. The carefully-designed spaces, the interplay between natural and artificial light, and the pure materials and surfaces combine to create a new world that represents all the good we recognize from nature.

Due to the intelligent layout, the thoughtful routing and the fully-customized furniture, Nature is extremely functional while offering the most desirable yachting amenities, including luxurious state and VIP rooms, a strikingly spacious Owner’s room, luxurious Spa deck, gym, swimming pool at sea level, and the spectacular circular staircase, winding from the Owner’s deck up to the 900sqm+ Panorama deck.

The essence of Nature is epitomized by the Owner’s state room’s fully-functional Inner Garden, equipped with state-of-the-art climate control technology. A shining beacon of peace and tranquility, it also represents the fundamental interconnection between the yacht and her environment. It is nature within Nature.


Nature is intrinsically connected to its natural maritime environment. Open views, clear sight lines, expansive exterior decks and space for water toys enhance the pleasure found in enjoying and exploring the seas. Every detail within the exterior style is intently scrutinized, with immaculate attention devoted to window frames and door handles, mullion design, finishes, sheers and decorative window coverings and outdoor furniture pieces.

The resulting sense of unity in style throughout the yacht generates a natural atmosphere of ultimate quality. The meticulous architecture shows how Nature is essentially about balance: between technology and nature, crafted detail and natural grandeur, the inside and the outside. Nature conveys the timelessness of functional beauty.

At the lower deck aft, Nature unfolds to forge a close connection to the seas. Opening the stern and side hatches and sliding out the roof hatches creates an open-air beach area exuding an exposed, yet intimate, relationship with the maritime environment. The central pool and surrounding terraces provide unlimited views and space for relaxation, sunbathing, cocktails or parties.

The roof hatches provide extended balconies at the Owner’s deck level and create an unexpected second level in the beach area, connecting the Spa and Owner’s decks. The lowered pool at the central structure, which ends towards the bow with a waterfall of fragranced droplets, is an enticing area for diving and swimming in comfort and safety.

The exceptionally spacious indoor Spa area features a spectacular layout with central, column-lined corridors connecting the pool to the plunge pool, sauna and hammam. The full-sized gym is equipped with all the state-of-the art equipment required to perform a total body workout.

Further conducive to balancing body and soul, the gym also features fold-down hatches to the water level situated around the corridor. The use of precious stones, skillfully-treated timber and meticulously-sourced natural materials help to create a natural atmosphere that is far-removed from hectic day-to-day life.

The spectacular circular staircase is one of the central features of Nature, winding from the main deck up to the top deck adjacent to the water-cooled two-story glass façades in the hull. Positioned midships in the beam-wide staircase vide, the elegant staircase floats naturally in place, accommodated by the single central beam molded in a curved V-shape.

The intriguing, organic shape and the use of textured natural stones within the design imitate the great outdoors, yet appear to defy the laws of nature. Functional as a staircase and pleasurable as a sculpture, this beacon of beauty unites the physical and metaphorical.

The vast windows on both side of the Owner’s state room create an incredible impression of openness and freedom. For the creation of a more intimate and private atmosphere on Nature, the astute layout and flexible light plan allows easy modification.

Bringing nature inside, the stunning Inner Garden can be adjusted to different app-controlled moods, created using a range of light settings, mist dispensers and water features. Rays of sunlight are allowed to shine in through the vide at upper deck level above the Garden. Everything in the Owner’s state room is completely custom designed and meticulously crafted from the finest and most precious natural materials.

The spacious and naturally-outfitted Guest and VIP state rooms stand out by virtue of their spacious design and highly-elaborate furniture. The rooms are specifically designed to offer guests the best possible environment to enjoy their time on-board, cleverly combining a perceptive layout with the optimal use of space.

Textured silk carpets, fully-customized furniture pieces in durable woods and the use of multiple woods in wall and ceiling paneling will make everybody feel at home, creating an atmosphere of ultimate hospitality and natural tranquility.

The 900sqm+ top deck aboard Nature is where hospitality, socializing and the interaction with the marine environment intertwine. With its full glass façades and open exterior decks, the ever-changing views will never cease to astonish. The relaxed lounge setting and extensive dining facilities create a deck which is ideal for good times with family and friends.

The vast interior and exterior spaces can be connected by opening the sliding glass floor-to-ceiling doors, enabling intimate al-fresco dining, extensive sunbathing in privacy and massive indoor-outdoor gatherings. The Owner, family and friends can truly experience the ocean in all its magnificence and unwind from the tensions of daily life.

Main Deck Aft
Top Deck Aft

The upper deck observatory at the bow is unique by design and function. Its spectacular conception featuring two floor-to-ceiling windows eliminates all borders between nature and Nature, offering an incredible outlook for those on-board.

Perfect for enjoying the immense expanse of the outside world or a romantic liaison, it is an enchanting place where ideas are born and dreams come true, to share with others or preserve as a secret hideaway.