“…Awareness is the key factor
of the AWARE concept. An open eye
for what matters most:
an abundance of space, an exceptional
inside-outside connection to the sea,
spacious and comfortable lounges,
and vast exterior decks…”

Please enjoy AWARE:
The Essence of Luxury

We are proud to present AWARE, a yacht concept where space optimization is leading and with an open eye for space, inside-outside connection to the sea, comfortable lounges and vast exterior decks. AWARE is the Essence of Luxury, a logical step in yacht design where all the available space is used to give owners and guests the best possible experience. The result is a yacht concept of simple grandeur, revealing its nature with outspoken honesty: a focus on the spacious experience aboard and connection with the sea.

Space optimization comes first: a huge beach aft of 230m2 with an 11-meter-long pool. A Beach Club with an internal height of 3 meters plus a full beam 80m2 OSR with a private lounge and balcony featuring its own jacuzzi. At bridge deck a vast 460m2 exterior, while the lounges, dining, and wheelhouse in the bridge deck pavilion cover 200m2. The number of decks has been slimmed down to a lower deck, a main deck, and a bridge deck with flexibility of use ensured by the effcient open plan layout.


Abundance of Space

“For AWARE the focus is on space optimization and functionality, maximizing the space on board. Superfluous corridors are omitted, ceiling heights are optimized (3 meters at the beach club and 2,5 meters at the pavilion), the open plan layouts offer inherent flexibility and ample space. Throughout AWARE’s interior, elegance and luxury are combined with authentic quality and unique materials. The minimalistic, pure design language is developed to be in mindful harmony for owners, guests and the natural environment.

Careful use of proportions in both the exterior and interior of AWARE has resulted in a pure space experience. Light is used as a tool to set interior moods using shutters, adjustable blinds and grids to allow different levels of daylight admittance. AWARE combines a superior quality of build with a sophisticated use of natural materials resulting in an essential design atmosphere that creates a holistic awareness of the yacht for a true connoisseur owner.”


Triple deck yacht design

With a LOA of 79,9 meters and a height of just 8 meters above the waterline, the low profile of AWARE is elongated and elegant. All lounges, interior spaces and exterior decks are proportioned to provide ultimate functionality and an optimal inside-out experience. The nautical platform consists of three decks, with an open plan pavilion on the bridge deck offering unrestricted views of the ocean at all sides.

Connection with the water on all decks is all-encompassing thanks to the unobstructed exterior decks, the floor-to-ceiling windows, extensive glass facades and two huge fold-down hatches at the Beach Club. Located at the aft of the main deck aft, the Beach Club delivers 230m2 of partially shaded space and incorporates an 11 meters long pool. Sunbeds and loungers are positioned to allow for plenty of walk-around space for having fun by the pool. The aft deck offers access to the sea for water sports and toys or for serving as a mooring spot for one of the tenders onboard AWARE.

Beach Club

Sea level indulgence

AWARE’s Beach Club is a multi-purpose space to work out, enjoy yoga or beauty treatments or to just come together for al-fresco dining on the lowered hatch or for drinks at the bar. Two floor-to-ceiling hatches on the starboard and port side fold down to enlarge the space to a level-floored 121m2. The interior ceiling height of 3 meters guarantees awareness of the sea when the hatches are open, merging ocean views with the interior space experience.

The Beach Club is accessible in several ways; directly from the exterior main deck aft, under the overhang by passing through the floor-to-ceiling doors, and by the central staircase lobby. Once at the Beach Club, an interior cinema setting can be enjoyed, while flexible space dividers are used to provide private settings for well-being activities of any kind. Comfortable lounge seating caters for any type of relaxation and social gathering for smaller or larger groups.

Owner’s state room

Dreamtime delights

Located forward at the main deck of AWARE, the beam-wide owner’s state room offers 80m2 of living, sleeping, bathroom and dressing space. Expansive full-length windows create an impression of vast openness and freedom. The open plan arrangement combines a bedroom with a lounge and adjacent balcony where glass sliding doors and a glass bulwark provide a seamless transition from inside to outside. The built-in open-air jacuzzi tub situated in a corner of the balcony is the epitome of style.

A combined bathroom and dressing space for the owner’s state room optimizes the efficiency of space usage. Hand-crafted sliding doors with inserts of clear glass and bleached wenge offer privacy and division. The bathtub is crafted out of a single block of natural onyx stone, hand-worked for a softened effect to match the backdrop of the natural limestone surface. All the features in the owner’s state room consist of custom-designed pieces, hand-crafted from durable and natural materials.

Guest state room

Mindful hospitality

Four grand guest state rooms are located around AWARE’s central staircase lobby. All the rooms have full-length windows delivering an infinite connection with the surrounding seascape. Each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom also featuring full-length windows furnished with adjustable blinds, a floating onyx vanity and separate shower and toilet cabins with onyx walls, floors, and ceiling panels.

Inside the guest spaces, every detail of the design has been examined, with painstaking attention devoted to form, material selection, finishes and functionality. The selection of natural stones and hand-picked timbers allows for further personalization of AWARE’s interior, ensuring the design is aesthetically balanced with inherent appeal. The result is an atmosphere of pleasing intimacy and mindful hospitality.

Central staircase

Connect the decks

One of the highlights of AWARE is the central circular staircase connecting the lower deck, main deck, and bridge deck onboard. With its sculptural design and position in a glass-covered vide, the stairs seem to float freely in space, creating an impression of monumental weightlessness. The wooden ring that almost invisibly connects the stairs to the upper deck pavilion, is reflected in the large oculus skylight in the ceiling of the bridge deck pavilion.

The elegance of the staircase is portrayed by stringers in the textured wood, where interlocking spirals provide the required structural stability for the leather-clad steps. Full-glass balustrades with polished edges are located both at the steps and at the landings, strengthening the upward-directed motion of the staircase by their sweeping curving lines. The staircase’s overall configuration is a statement of the pure design language onboard AWARE.

Bridge deck pavillion

Free-flowing spaciousness

On the bridge deck a vast 460m2 exterior deck surrounds the pavilion to fully enjoy views of the sea. Inside, a lounge, dining, library, and semi-open wheelhouse are integrated in one free-flowing space of almost 200m2. When ascending the grand circular staircase, the oculus in the central lobby lights the route towards the aft lounge, where a seating arrangement of comfortable sofas is situated. The open connection to the aft and side deck exteriors makes dining and lounging a true al-fresco experience.

The spectacular semi-open wheelhouse’s seating arrangement allows the captain, owner, and travel companions to plan voyages at a large, custom-built round table. The wheelhouse, which encompasses all the latest technologies for the wheelhouse of the future, can be separated from the lounge by closing the sliding doors. The area, crucial for the crew and captain to provide a memorable passage, has been designed for optimal operation with efficient space distribution.