Interior design

Aboard a yacht, great spaces need not be the most glamorous or luxurious – it is how personal and interesting they are, how much they reflect its owner and their character, which lends a profound welcome.

At Sinot, interiors are designed to the highest standards and customized according to the wishes of the clients, imprinting their personality, ambitions, background and achievements. Each detail of the layout and space is skillfully crafted and shaped, while incorporating technical innovation. Rare woods and veneers are integrated with the finest fabrics, leathers and bespoke metals and glass, combined with custom-built interiors and furniture.

The interior and exterior design, styling and furniture present the yacht as a ‘total work of art’, with multiple art and craft forms to create an overall design. This aesthetic term, which has been used in architecture from the renaissance to the days of early modernism, encapsulates all conceivable exterior and interior design aspects; the overall styling, integration of innovative technology, space planning aboard, the use of daylight and artificial light, architectural details, comfort, furniture design, custom decoration and art pieces.

The Structure of Space

Super yachts, as both extremely elaborate pieces of professional equipment and meticulously crafted and superbly-detailed luxurious homes, require a balanced and highly-organized spatial structure. Planning and designing its form, space and ambience to incorporate functional, technical, social, environmental and aesthetic considerations within a restricted space perimeter demands the most from all professionals involved in the yacht realization process.

The most important objective for our team of designers is to harmonize all space demands and the best possible routing. Routes are intertwined, horizontally, across the decks, and vertically, between the decks, and need to be in compliance with classification and regulations. The routes must be guided to the functional needs of the owner and his guests, with the most efficient use of space to give them the maximum amount of space aboard. Routing for crew is designed for seamless invisible service and for smooth operation of all behind-the-scenes processes.

The Art of Lighting

Capable of enhancing and enriching the visual experience aboard, light is a multi-faceted element affecting color, functionality, aesthetics, health, atmosphere, safety, intimacy and comfort. We always aim to find the perfect balance between daylight and artificial light. Naturally versatile, daylight is maximized with large windows and fold-away façades. Shading is provided by layering the window dressing to adjust to different climates and weather types. Artificial light is positioned to merge with the daylight, allowing a smooth transition between the brightest of daylight, via the mellow tones of twilight, into the blackness of the darkest night.

Sinot works with state-of-the-art, digitized and computerized light control systems, sensors and LED light sources to allow flexible application of light. The beauty of light is showcased by skillful choice of fixtures or custom-designs loose lighting fixtures of the finest materials, which are in perfect balance with the interior design of the yacht to create an overall personal and intimate atmosphere.

The Importance of Detailing

An architectural detail is a small part of the whole, explicit enough to characterize and define the entire yacht. They portray what a design is and are fundamental to the personality of a space and indicative of the designer’s attitude toward the design in general. In this respect, a detail is architecture at its smallest size, from man-size to miniscule. Sinot’s mastery in craftsmanship and design comes to life in joining the different functionalities, materials and designs. True quality, whether of technical, aesthetic or spiritual nature, can be distinguished in details. Connections between walls and ceilings, skirting boards, decorative material endings, an intricate handrail, refined tap or a door handle can make the difference and all cooperate to achieve a lasting and quintessential quality result.

The Touch of Comfort

Comfort can be induced by a variety of conditions within our habitat and in the built environment, such as ergonomics and functionality, use and interaction, experience and mood, touching and feeling, contrast and harmony. They all are an integral part of the design processes at Sinot and the Sinot design team takes pride in working with the client to align the different disciplines to achieve true comfort.

Spatial comfort is a key concern, addressing the visual senses, sound and climate. Sinot ensures daylight and artificial light are adjustable and easy to operate, the use of materials to allow for a natural sound, filtering away rumble and exterior noise and state-of-the-art climate settings which are highly customized for individual preferences.

The array of materials, fabrics and textures surrounding us are responsible for the sensation of physical comfort to the touch; they are always sourced by Sinot from the world’s best suppliers.

Custom built Furniture

Most clients dream about a yacht created to match their desires, reflecting their personality, their ambitions and achievements. Custom furniture is a significant part of this dream and it should fit as one with the yacht, but should also stand as a piece of art, provide the ultimate in comfort and functionality.

At Sinot, the finest woods and veneers are used, combined with exclusive fabrics and leathers and elaborately polished metals. Unrivaled craftsmanship and the use of rich surface technologies in the finishes underscore the choice of components. Furniture hardware such as pulls and knobs are custom designed and built to add a notable finishing touch, both visually and in terms of handling. Custom-built pieces in limited editions create a lasting impression of quality. Furnishing and fabrics allow for further personalization of the furniture aboard the yacht.

Arts & Crafts

In the world of bespoke luxury, the difference is in ultimate refinement. A handmade stitching or a hand-built door handle, custom-designed decoration or exclusive art pieces and priceless antiques. Designed or selected by the Sinot design team for their exclusivity, character, style and personality in compliance with the overall design, giving the yachts a special touch that makes them personal and exceptional.

Dedicated Inspiration

Artists and craftsmen from all over the world, whatever their specialism or discipline, agree on one thing: the best and most beautiful things in the world must be felt within the heart.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” stated a famous artist more than a century ago, referring to the mirroring role of art. Art reflects the dreams and desires of its owner and paints a picture about personality and characteristics, yet defies any rationale by adding mystery and autonomy under the veil of exquisite beauty.

Dedicated to inspiration, craftsmanship and the arts, the Sinot team works closely with clients to explore the use of art pieces and decorative objects. A close cooperation with an exclusive group of globally esteemed artists and galleries enables clients to either make selections from famous collections or commission pieces, according to their taste and budget. For decoration, Sinot selects or designs desirable objects, wall panels, sculptures, glassware objects and refined accessories to complete the design and make the yacht as unique as its owner.