Poetry Philosophy

“…Living close to the water in perfect harmony with the aquatic environment; a seamless experience of the highest quality with loved ones aboard your private yacht…”

We invite you to explore Poetry, our tribute to yachting.

Our philosophy truly drives development without compromises. The result is a yacht with a poetic existence within the water, having an excellent inside-out connection to the sea. A fully open superstructure has unobstructed decks and expansive views of the skies, shores, waves, clouds, birds, sea-life, coastlines, and sunrises. Sun and daylight are its meter, cherished for their warmth and tantalizing enlightenment. Looming deckheads cast shadows and offer coolness with the breeze.

Inside atmosphere, mood and emotion are defined by the poetry of space arrangements. To go to the higher deck, towards the sun, is to withdraw in privacy, step by step, to the private dominion of the owner’s quarters. Going down through vast lounges and wide corridors it to lose oneself at each deck with views of distant horizons, while entering spaces of greater shared hospitality. The last descent is through a grand open staircase into a lower deck sanctuary dedicated to wellness and well-being.

The stanza of the design is aesthetical timelessness, where purity of form combines with elegance in proportion. Ultra-bespoke exterior and interior elements will create a quality impression on another level. Imagine the best builders, artisans, and craftsmen, building this yacht for one owner only: providing true value by perfectly complementing the personality of the owner, accommodating his or her art pieces and objects of desire.

Sander J. Sinot

Yachting without compromise

“For years, we have had the privilege to present a new yacht concept at the Monaco Yacht Show, to share our vision of the future of yacht design and inspire clients and the industry. For 2022’s MYS edition, we developed Poetry – a new, thematic approach to yacht design. It all starts with the dreams of the owner. For him or her we explore the inner values of space and how we live our lives with a mixture of elements that people normally do not think about. There is poetry behind everything, and all have a story to tell.

This is a poetic concept inspired by the flexibility you find in resorts, where you have private sections, while the beach, spa, dining, and lounges are shared more informally, however you and your guests wish. Design and use of the yacht becomes less formal and more genuine. It is more like ‘home’. We address topics like the emotions of natural state and recomposed materials and living with our personal art pieces in intimate environments. To accommodate this, the design and use of the yacht becomes utterly relaxed and embracing and more like a private resort at sea.

Beyond exclusivity, we see Poetry as subtle, harmonious, dedicated – and personal. Limitations can be overcome by pushing boundaries with more detail, more innovation, more personality, more stories, more fun. Owners nowadays are freer to explore the world than ever. They can be out on yachting trips while working, bringing their families, friends, and entourage along with them. They want to share it with others and have them enjoy it with you. Poetry is the yacht where dreams are made in an inconspicuous way, without compromise.”

Architectural geometry

Next generation yacht design

The strong exterior lines of Poetry are driven by hydrodynamics and architecture – a solid nautical platform, hosting an open-space plan defined by three-dimensional thinking, to precisely accommodate functions, needs, and desires. Transparency and openness are the hallmarks of the superstructure, offering undisturbed views and unobstructed deck space.

Connection with the water is all-encompassing thanks to the seamless connection between interior and exterior, the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and six huge fold-down hatches at the lower deck beach lounge. The large exterior decks culminate in the aft deck exterior beach with infinity pool, slowly descending towards sea level. The extendable swimming platforms offers access to the water and act as a mooring spot for private limo tenders.



A new approach to yacht interiors

Poetry emphasizes ‘‘poetic design” – the philosophy that embraces the dreams, needs, and desires of the owner in a natural way. The focus is on the use of the yacht, for true integration of dreams and desires. The interior layout is based on a mathematical grid, allowing flexibility while avoiding loss of useable space. Careful use of proportions and aspect-ratios has resulted in a pure space experience, maximizing ceiling heights and interior serenity.

The prime real estate aboard, the highest deck, is reserved for the owner’s suite and the owner’s pavilion. One deck below we find private dining with an open kitchen, a large multi-media cinema and an exploration room, for charting routes together with the captain. Lower decks contain VIP and Guest cabins, the wheelhouse, dining & lounging, and extensive wellness, and wellbeing, as well as secure sea-access at the Beach Club.


Prime of Poetry

Poetry reinvents yacht design by relocating the wheelhouse to a more functional spot at the front. This makes the prime location of Poetry available to the most important user: the owner. A key point is the open space plan of the owner’s pavilion, which is highly secluded – no crew, guests or others need be at this deck, unless invited.

The bedroom is located aft and offers unhindered views and an endless sightline over the wake. At the exterior deck there is a seating arrangement for an intimate breakfast or lunch. Everything in the owner’s pavilion, from the bed combination to the chairs and rugs, is completely custom-designed and meticulously crafted from the finest and sustainable natural materials.


Symmetry & harmony

Poetry’s master bathroom is accessed directly from the bedroom section in the owner’s pavilion by the open side passages. His and her dressing units are located at starboard and portside in a striking symmetrical setup, connected by the ultra-wide his-and-her vanity. The open shower unit is located right on the axis of the yacht and offers a stunning open view to the forward deck.

The private counter current pool for bathing or exercising starts in the bathroom and runs onto the forward exterior deck for ultimate refreshment in the sea breeze. This exterior deck is perfectly fit for a light morning workout, yoga, or Pilates – or just a brief walk to take in the freshness of the morning. The sense of harmony is reinforced by amazing views over the ocean; scenery that can be enjoyed everywhere from the owner’s pavilion.

Upper Deck

Recharge & explore

Located just below the owner’s deck, the upper deck forward of Poetry houses a dining table for intimate dinners and an exploration room. These are primarily for the owners and special guests invited into the owner’s private space. Everything contributes towards an ambience in which the owner, family and friends can truly unwind from the tensions of daily life.

The open kitchen next to the dining table provides a unique experience for the owner or a private chef to share fresh ingredients like fish and other seafood, prepared on the spot. Adjacent is the exploration room, where the owner and captain can plan the next voyage of Poetry. Integrated media at the wall visually document and support navigation, making this space the virtual control centre of Poetry.

Upper Deck

Ultimate sound & vision

At the aft of Poetry, a large private cinema is located on the upper deck. There, viewers can relax in custom-designed furniture combining ultimate comfort with fine detailing and rich fabrics. Natural materials and a balanced application of grids and wood structures define the space in well-proportioned sections.

With all blinds closed, there is dedicated focus on the main screen., supported by the the integrated movie theatre system. When the blinds are up, one could easily forget where the interior ends and the outside begins, as both cease to feel like separate spaces: freedom, relaxation and comfort are constant factors.

VIP Suites

Embracing hospitality

Located on Poetry’s main deck, close to the waterline, the VIP suites stand out thanks to their spacious design and highly elaborate furniture. The rooms offer VIP guests the best possible environment in which to enjoy their time on board, combining optimal use of space with perfect ocean views through the giant floor to ceiling windows.

The VIP suites are focused on openness, luxury, and natural comfort, providing a maximum sense of freedom in a highly detailed personal style setting. Textured carpets made of reclaimed material, fully customized furniture pieces in sustainable woods and the use of multiple textures in wall and ceiling panelling all create an atmosphere of embracing hospitality.

VIP suite

En suite enjoyment

The spacious VIP suite bathrooms aboard Poetry are connected to the bedroom section of the VIP suite itself, sharing an elongated loggia. Foldable sliding doors provide a semi-open connection and structure the space. The centrepiece is the lowered large tub of precious Hinoki wood, perfectly positioned for excellent views at the seascape.

The half-open shower unit, with hydrotherapic rainfall shower head and multiple jets, is located forward and created out of a vividly patterned natural stone. Every detail of the VIP bathroom reflects an innate sense of proportion, flawless workmanship, and authentic craftsmanship.


Banqueting in style

Located at the aft exterior deck section of Poetry, the beam-wide dining table can host up to 20 guests and can be easily extended to up to 40 guests if desired. By this, it can serve breakfast, lunches or dinners for family, friends, and acquaintances, and is an integral part of days and nights of festivities hosted at the Beach Club and on the exterior pool deck.

The aft glass façade can fold away for a true all-fresco experience and open access to the pool deck. Most of the time on board will be spent outside, which means providing excellent hospitality services and comfort is vital for maximizing quality time, whether this involves dining, partying, relaxing, or enjoying poolside drinks at sunset.


World of relaxation

As the gateway to the lower deck Beach Club, the main deck lounge is the place for guests, family, and friends to gather and prepare for a new day aboard Poetry. All the amenities and pleasures in terms of wellness, wellbeing, relaxation, and sports of the Beach Club are within easy reach.

The relaxing lounge setting makes this part of the deck great for spending memorable times with family and friends. The inside and outside of this vast space feel connected by the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The lounge furniture has been completely custom-made by the finest craftsmen and is upholstered in soft fabrics with ton-sur-ton piping.

State Rooms

Transparent tranquility

The main deck forward of Poetry is where the guest state rooms and their loggias are located, situated in such a way the beds always face the ocean, with full height glass windows providing maximum views. Guest state rooms are a tranquil place for retreat and rest, distinguishing themselves through their subdued luxury and pure design.

The feeling of natural design is reinforced by custom-made furniture such as the bed, bedside tables, lounge chair and desk with ottoman. The dressing room, connected to the state room by a glass sliding wall, is equipped with exclusively crafted furniture. As with all furniture aboard Poetry, this has been custom designed and is in unison with the rest of the interior.


Refresh & retreat

All guest bathrooms aboard Poetry are done in a minimalist, pure style. The spacious bathrooms are equipped with large showers with rain shower features and a floating natural stone vanity with integrated basins. Natural materials with rich textures provide a tactility that stimulates the senses.

The sophisticated use of materials, using warm tones and neutral indirect lighting, creates an intimate, home-like atmosphere. The color and material schemes create a sense of tranquillity and unity, amplified by the large wall piece of artisanal mastership opposite the vanity.

Grand Space of Wellbeing

Re-inventing the
Beach Club

Poetry offers the opportunity to create a new plan for the yacht, based on owner wishes, dreams and appreciation. This leads to the introduction of the grand space of wellbeing and wellness at the lower deck interior: the Beach Club with the Hamman and Sauna as gatekeepers of the vast Gym and the Beauty Salon, with its hairdressing, nail and beauty treatment and massage stations.

These cater for owner and family, loved ones and guests, offering privacy and dedication, like a private resort. The vastness of the greater Beach Club area allows for inviting larger groups; from the shore, other yachts or helicoptered-in special guests, artists, and performers. It is a unique social space to meet and greet families, friends, and acquaintances, and dance the night away.


Sea level indulgencies

The Beach Club of Poetry is a multi-purpose space, to linger and come together prior and after a spa experience, work-out or beauty treatment. A small sea-side bar with terrace on the hatch serves drinks and light lunches. Comfortable seating corners, lounge beds, and huge sofa arrangements cater for any type of social gathering.

The epitome of chill is the sea pool, created by lowering one of the hatches under the sea level, extending a filtering bulwark and allowing the seawater to rush in for a truly exciting saltwater dip. At the vide, equipped with a sensational glass art piece on the floor, an elegant circular staircase connects the main deck lounge with the Beach Club.


Water level work-out

Poetry’s gym at the lower deck aft Beach Club provides a sensational experience with its immense, room-wide hatch that opens to reveal the ocean’s surface at water level. The sliding glass wall can be completely or partially opened to live the dream of exercising on your own floating island in the ocean.

The indirect lighting behind the rhythm of the wooden ceiling structure provides an atmosphere of focus and dedication. A yoga space, with mats and silk hammocks for aerial yoga to stretch muscles and mind, is located next to a complete workout floor, for a total body workout.


Cheerful sharing

Part of Poetry’s Beach Club is the beauty salon with hairdressing, nail and beauty treatment and massage stations. The serene atmosphere in a highly detailed but minimalist style under the refined wooden ceiling with indirect light provides a focus on individual treatment, while the openness of the space allows for sharing, caring, and laughter.

Guests can enjoy amazing views over the seascape outside while getting beauty treatments, facial massages, hairdressing sessions or full massage treatments. Matte natural stone skilfully treated timber wall panelling and natural materials all help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Hamman & Sauna

Soothing steam,
healing heat

The Beach Club at the lower deck of Poetry is where health and wellness facilities are grouped together, as part of a world of physical and mental serenity, where well-being, relaxation, joy, and fun merge into an overall experience of dream-like transition.

The experience of the Hamman is heightened using the reconstructed backlit onyx for floor and ceiling, and marble for benches and walls. Both at the Hamman and the Sauna, there is a wall-wide giant flatscreen that can be used to showcase anything desired.


Forward control, integrated technology

Poetry’s wheelhouse, located under the main deck forward, is designed as a cockpit, creating both a great working environment and a spectacular space in which the owner and guests can take in the operation of the yacht. Behind the captain’s and first officer’s seats comfortable sofas are located for this.

Digital technologies like sensors, cameras, live communication technologies and sail-by-wire systems replace traditional facilities such as wing stations and look-out posts. Much of this equipment is located and controlled from the workstations at the command-and-control centre located under the wheelhouse, accessible by a direct staircase.


Engaging the future

Finding the best location for the wheelhouse within the limited available space aboard a yacht requires balancing many factors to achieve the best outcome. Often, a high position is selected, sacrificing excellent space for owner’s use in the process. But because of new technology, arrangements can be reshuffled, freeing up space and moving areas of a yacht previously thought untouchable. Poetry therefore has the bridge on the main deck, just under the forward exterior deck at the bow, with direct access to a larger command-and-control centre and the ship’s office below at lower deck.

Visibility is ensured by the band window in the wheelhouse, further enhanced by solid-state video and image processing technology complementing the essential systems. Widely used technologies, often implemented at a much faster pace than on yachts, where the focus is directed to offering amazing trips in unprecedented privacy – sometimes downplaying the efficiency of the workplace that the wheelhouse essentially is. Integration of all available, proven, and tested new technologies in yachts we see as the future, for the obvious benefits in terms of space distribution are too large to ignore.