“We consider every yacht design to be a fresh challenge to make the impossible possible. With a constant ambition to surpass expectations, we enjoy challenging ourselves to create custom designs for every client. We possess a strong belief to drive the design process by means of a direct dialogue with our clients, resulting in creative solutions throughout the development of each project.

Every project is the result of this ongoing dialogue with our client and close cooperation with major ship yards, yacht captains, naval architects, suppliers, furniture makers, craftsmen and artisans. The design process consists of a series of decisions. We ensure the right choices are made with the right partners.”

Sander J. Sinot

Management Team

At Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, creation and design is a team effort. The Sinot management team works closely together to create the best customized yacht designs in constant dialogue with their clients, shipyards, and industry professionals. Together with Sinot’s international in-house team of nearly 50 creative professionals in the fields of architecture, industrial design, interior architecture, styling, 3D modelling and visualization, design engineering, and production consultancy Sinot ensures extensive knowledge and experience is at hand to make each project a success.


At Sinot we see ourselves as a brand that stands for the best in quality and creativity. With our international crew of experienced nautical designers, design specialists and design engineers we ensure an efficient operation with effective communication to all stakeholders in the realization process of a yacht. Our advanced in-house CGI technology makes our design processes transparent and enables our clients to get full insight during the development. Designing a yacht is merging technology, design expertise and human interaction skills into a creative process that focusses on providing our clients with the designs of their dreams.


With each new project representing a full custom design for a specific client, we consider every yacht design to be a fresh challenge. This involves transcending traditional boundaries in yacht design in search for a synergetic balance of functionality, beauty, engineering and design. Resulting in creative solutions, this reflects our owner-centered philosophy of a yacht as an exclusive, custom-designed private estate, moving freely over the world’s oceans.


A yacht’s profile is a combination of strong lines and character and is a strong reflection of its owner. We strive for a perfect connection between the interior design, the exterior architecture, the layout on decks, and the overall profile. Every step of our design process is transparent for both our client and the design team involved, often incorporating nautical architects, building captains and shipyard executives.


We create exclusive interiors designed to the highest standards and customized according to the wishes of our clients. Lounges, staterooms and guest cabins are arranged and designed to suit different life styles and social or cultural requirements. Spacious layouts and arrangements exploit every square meter and capitalize on available gross tonnage. Stylish mood boards, aesthetic design directions and actual material samples support our dialogue on the interior design.


Custom furniture is important for reflecting the yacht owner’s personality, ambition and achievements in exclusive designs. Rare woods and veneers are integrated in combination with the finest fabrics, leathers and bespoke metals and glass. Accents are provided by the subtle combination of shades and tones, underscored by unrivaled craftsmanship and the use of rich surface treatments. The authenticity and high quality of custom furniture creates a unique and individual design at the interior and exterior decks.


For fixtures, furnishings and equipment, we always lookfor the best and most durable materials. Cooperation between the world’s very best suppliers and our stylists is essential in the selection of the unique collections and design of made-to-measure adaptations to fit the style of the yacht and the wishes of the owner. Art is a valued contribution to the owner’s personal interior style. We work closely with a group of esteemed artists and galleries for an exclusive choice befitting our client’s yacht.


We wish to bring our concepts to life for our clients and therefore provide an excellent insight into the exterior and interior design by providing near-photographic 3D visuals or animated clips. This advanced 3D visualization technology clearly portrays the design of choice. By visualizing within the boundaries of technical infrastructure and classification, the feasibility of the design is ensured during the entire process, from concept development to final design.

With each new project, from 45m super yachts up to 160m+ mega yachts, we consider every design to be a fresh challenge. The latest technology and our international team of over 40 creative and technical professionals, combine to make custom designs for specific clients.

Our advanced 3D visualization technology clearly portrays the design of choice. By working within the boundaries of technical infrastructure and classification, the feasibility of the design is ensured during the entire process, from concept development to launch of the yacht.

Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design is located in the Netherlands, 20 minutes from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.