“…At the beach, you live in the present, follow the tides, and embrace the outdoors. It’s enough to bring about a feeling of tranquillity and revitalization…”

The BEACH range introduces a series of superyachts in 77m, 88m and 99m LOA designs, offering future owners a variety of yacht sizes as well as the opportunity to operate multiple yachts as a family or group of friends.

Each length of the BEACH superyacht series has different functional options available in the General Arrangement, for owners to create a perfect match with their lifestyle and preferences. The beach theme is the basis for the interior style, while individual customization allows for a personal touch. Options and customization ensure private exclusivity for each yacht.


Next level exterior design

The sculpted exterior designs of the BEACH 77, 88 and 99 superyacht series are inspired by the motion of waves caressing a beach. To starboard and port, the hull of the BEACH series tumbles aft and flares at the bow in a statement of nautical elegance. A strong horizontal definition line, extending from the main deck all the way to the bow, accentuates the stable and forward-directed feel of the BEACH series.

Construction is minimal and open; balustrades are transparent and the connection to the sea is all-encompassing due to the floor-to-ceiling glass façades. The large exterior decks culminate in the aft deck beach, with an embedded infinity pool amid steps descending to the waterline. The beam-wide swim platform offers access to the water and acts as a mooring spot for private limo tenders and water toys.


A refreshing approach to interiors

The BEACH 77, 88 and 99 superyachts align with modern requirements with a full-beam forward owner’s state room. There are several interior options available, including an additional child’s cabin or a large owner’s office. A central core setup within the owner’s area allows for a spectacular free walk-around inside the glass façade. VIP and guest cabins are plenty and there is a choice in beauty, treatment, gym, or spa facilities.

The BEACH interior style is relaxed, informal, and open to individual accents in art, furniture, and color, accommodating an owner’s personal taste and style. The uncluttered, open-plan layout maximizes available space onboard all yachts of the BEACH series, making them feel bright and breezy. Plentiful natural light from sea, skies, and views creates the feeling that there is no boundary between indoors and outdoors.


Openness and freedom

On the BEACH superyacht series, the prime location is reserved for the owner’s state room in the forward section of the owner’s deck. The state room is connected to the owner’s bathrooms and his and her dressing areas by stunning walk-through passageways on either side of the head-rest wall, inside the full height glass façade.

The owner’s deck is designed for the exclusive use of the owner, providing a special deck for him or her and their loved ones to sail in full privacy and maximum comfort. All aspects of the Owner’s State Room, from the bed design and accessories to the chairs and rug, are completely custom-designed and carefully crafted from genuinely sustainable natural materials. The sophisticated use of warm color tones and neutral indirect lighting creates an intimate, homey atmosphere.


Laid-back luxury

A centralized core design set-up for the owner’s deck on the BEACH superyacht series allows free movement within the corridor inside the glass façade, emphasizing the feeling of connection to the environment. His and her dressing units are located to port and starboard, offering ample storage space. Every detail of the form, material selection, finishes and functionality of the dressing areas has been meticulously considered.

The spacious bathrooms offer a minimalist, laid-back, yet luxurious, style. Natural materials with subtle textures provide a tactility that stimulates the senses, a design approach which is continued in the sensitive detailing of hardware and accessories. The open shower unit, created using vividly patterned and back-lit natural stone, is located near to the vanity and offers stunning views.


Shared relaxation

As the gateway to the aft beach deck, the main deck lounge is the place for guests, family, and friends to gather and prepare for a new day of relaxation aboard a BEACH superyacht. Panoramic ocean views are spectacular due to the full height glass façade and the glass balustrade.

The relaxing lounge setting ensures this area of the yacht is ideal for spending memorable times with family and friends, establishing the lounge as a true meeting point of the yacht. The lounge furniture is completely custom-made by the finest craftsmen and is upholstered in soft fabrics with ton-sur-ton throw pillows for extra comfort. Natural materials and a balanced application of grids and wood structures define the space in well-proportioned sections.


The pleasure of quality time

The Beach Club on the lower deck of the BEACH superyacht series is a perfect place to linger and come together prior to and after water sports, or just to have a good time. As the pivotal location to enjoy quality time, the Beach Club offers informal seating, drinks, parties, beauty treatment stations, massage, Pilates, gym or yoga.

The Beach Club has direct access to the exterior aft beach deck with infinity pool, sunbeds, and loungers as well as the main deck lounge. It is a unique social space allowing larger groups, from the shore or other yachts, to join onboard and enjoy the company of family and friends. Comfortable laid-back seating ensures this zone is the hotspot of each yacht during the day and into the night, allowing all to enjoy the ocean to the absolute fullest.


Family of Superyachts

The BEACH 77, BEACH 88 and BEACH 99 designs are united by a stepped aft deck with a large pool, which connects the main deck seamlessly to the water. All yachts of the series feature abundant outdoor space on all decks, with distinct exterior designs which are discerning and timeless.

State-of-the-art and practical design solutions are incorporated in each yacht of the series. Key characteristics include full-height glass façades at the higher deck cabins and lounges for open ocean views and maximized overall ceiling heights, ensuring generous interior space. For the layout, furniture arrangements and sightlines are smart and effective, optimizing the value of each square meter of available space aboard.

Common theme of the BEACH series is connected interior and exterior spaces aft. From the main lounge to the aft beach deck and on to the full beam beach club with fold-down hatches both on starboard and portside, there is a seamless transition to enjoy the pleasures of the sea and relish quality time with family and friends.


Overall length: 77m
Length waterline: 69.8m
Beam moulded: 13,4m
Estimated GT:  2000GT


Overall length: 88m
Length waterline: 81,8m
Beam moulded: 14,5m
Estimated GT: 2550GT


Overall length: 99m
Length waterline: 91,8m
Beam moulded: 15,6m
Estimated GT: 3000GT