Sander J. Sinot

The Art of Living

“Sometimes one can forget that our life has a limited amount of time, so one can question, how do we use the hours we live? There is no answer other than to invest as much time as possible towards the quality of living. Freedom, love and quality time with family and friends is key. With our yacht concept Art of Life, we want to address this as yacht architects and designers.”


Welcoming Versatility

Art of Life pronounces an owner’s individual preference as no other. It accommodates the good aspects of life through distinction. Space, form and technology combine to offer you and your loved ones the opportunity to flourish.

The yacht aspires to be a work of art, entwining its captivating essence with the poetry of the sea. Inspirational experiences stimulated by beauty, art, architecture and seascapes are reflected within its aestheticism. By celebrating the senses, we can prosper as complete human beings. Art of Life offers a tangible expression of the intimate affiliation between architecture, beauty and values

Owners State Room & Lounge

Beam Wide Privacy

The large and well-proportioned owner’s state room is situated on the main deck, offering the utmost privacy. Due to its beam-wide dimensions, vast band windows on either side create an incredible impression of openness and freedom. Next to the bedroom lies the dressing area and bathroom.

Adding a pivotal design feature, the owner’s lobby, located in front of the stateroom, provides access to the upper deck owner’s lounge. The owner’s private lounge on the upper deck can be reached via the freestanding private spiral staircase or the central staircase, located amidships. The lounge itself unfolds as a grand light-filled haven, with multiple floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights.

Vip Guest
State Room

Hospitality at its best

Located on the main deck, the large VIP state rooms stand out by virtue of their surprising layout, spacious design and elaborate furniture. The rooms are specifically designed to offer guests the best possible environment to enjoy their time onboard, cleverly combining the optimal use of space with perfect views through the giant band windows.

Notable for their openness and comfort, the VIP guest state rooms provide maximum privacy in a serene setting. Textured silk carpets, fully-customized furniture, and the use of woods in wall and ceiling paneling, create the ultimate atmosphere of hospitality to ensure any guest will feel at home.

Stern Lounge

Your Perfect View

The panoramic stern lounge of Art of Life, with its large floor-to-ceiling slanted window, offers a grandiose view of the yacht’s wake as it disappears into the distance. Stretching across the full width of the yacht’s beam, the stern lounge offers views from both side and aft windows and features furnishings all custom designed by Sinot.

The stern lounge doubles as a cinema, equipped with a 384 inch retractable cinema screen which can be stored in the ceiling. State-of-the-art fold-down ceiling speakers also help create the ultimate overall experience. At the rear of the lounge, a deep red wall provides the perfect backdrop for an inspirational artwork.

Upper Deck Lounge

Invitation to Share

Art of Life’s expansive upper deck lounge is where socializing and interaction with the marine environment intertwine. With its full-glass façades and open decks, the ever-changing views will never cease to inspire. The relaxed lounge setting and extensive dining facilities create a space that is perfect for good times with family and friends, while experiencing the ocean in all its magnificence.
The highly personalized selection of furnishing and fabrics aboard the Art of Life perfectly express the owner’s taste. Placing equal emphasis on comfort, ease of use and accessibility, the yacht is a welcoming home-from-home aboard for enjoying the company of friends.

Wheel House

Sailing in Style

The wheelhouse is equipped with state-of-the art systems and technology to meet all nautical requirements and fulfil the demands of the future. In line with Art of Life’s design style, the wheelhouse has been developed using natural and carefully crafted materials.
Above the wheelhouse lies the flybridge. Unique by design and function, it is perfect for enjoying expansive views of the surrounding world with family and friends. As well as relaxing in this lounge setting, it is also possible to sail Art of Life from this location and enjoy the unique characteristics of the yacht to the fullest.

Pool Deck

Informal Outdoors

The strong theme of connection between the inside and outside space on Art of Life is a particularly appealing aspect of the exterior decks. The link manifests itself on the upper deck with the inside and outside merging seamlessly, allowing the Owner, family and friends to fully experience the great outdoors and all its beauty.

The central pool and surrounding terraces with their informal atmosphere provide unlimited views and space for relaxation, sunbathing, socializing, cocktails and parties. The selection of furnishing and fabrics allows for further personalization of the furniture, always ensuring the design is balanced aesthetically and has lasting appeal.

Outdoor Lounge

World of Relaxation

The vast exterior relaxation space on the bridge deck allows the owner, family and friends to fully experience the great outdoors in all its beauty. Without clear separation, outside and inside merge to provide a sense of freedom, comfort and individuality.

The skillfully-selected color schemes create a relaxing mood of tranquility and unity for this top-of-the-world setting. The light, inviting atmosphere of the outdoor lounge flows through to the fully custom-designed and sculpted deck furniture. Comfort and personality are expressed by the upholstery in soft natural fabrics with finely-detailed throw pillows.

Toy Garage

Exploring the Blue

Exploration leads to inspiration and the discovery of who we really are. It satisfies our endless curiosity and brings physical fitness, knowledge and insight. The toy garage aboard Art of Life, with its extensive choice of exploration craft and water toys, offers all the equipment an inquisitive mind could require.

The impressive aft hatch opens onto the water to act as a diving platform and a launch pad for amphibious craft. Right at the water’s edge, the toy garage is the perfect starting point for discovering the riches of the sea – both on and below the surface.