Exterior Design

A yacht can be seen as a high performance machine and as ‘moving architecture’ – in all cases, the exterior is the everlasting first impression.

Sinot creates unique profiles and deck layouts that reflect the client’s ambitions and inspirations, while also adding a commercially-viable distinctiveness. To create space for enjoyment and relaxation, the focus is on constructing open views, clear sight lines, expansive exterior decks and space for water toys and swimming. The owner decides the direction of the exterior design, Sinot combines the dimensions and shape of the hull and superstructure with the form of the bow to result in distinct lines and individual character, advanced exterior designs with a pronounced identity and classic potential, which stand the test of time for future markets.

Exterior detailing
Meticulous attention to details on masts, railings, bulwarks, teak deck layout, porthole design and rub rail construction provide a finer exterior yacht experience for owners, guest and crews. Placing equal emphasis on functionality, Sinot’s quality design and craftsmanship addresses reduction of maintenance, affirming the yacht as a superior piece of professional equipment.