The Balance of


A new way of yachting

In the design and development of AQUA, our team derived inspiration from owners’ lifestyles, the fluid versatility of water and cutting-edge technology, combining all of this in a 112m superyacht with truly innovative features.

On board, the interrelated requirement for privacy and space has been addressed with an extraordinarily large owner’s pavilion. To accentuate the link with the water, much thought has been devoted to making the ocean as accessible and visible as possible.

At the lower decks, the usual parameters for propulsion, range and speed have been translated into a complete hydrogen-electric system, whose physical dimensions and operational characteristics reinforce a comprehensively innovative superyacht experience.

Sander J. Sinot


At Sinot, our highly talented designers offer more than just a design style. We always integrate all aspects of design into a newbuild: this means acknowledging key questions such as ‘why build a yacht in the first place?’ and ‘how can we ensure that you will enjoy your investment and enrich your sense of freedom?’

Aqua is focused on an environmentally sensitive subject: yacht propulsion and the choice of fuel. Propulsion systems have become highly optimized over the past few years: diesel-electric combinations in many configurations and setups have grown in popularity, with the goal of increasing efficiency and ultimately reducing emissions. To take this discussion into an entirely new realm we have initiated AQUA, our new yacht concept, using a hydrogen-electric system capable of catering for all onboard energy needs.


Surge of Energy

The flowing exterior lines of AQUA are inspired by ocean swells – the surge of energy induced by winds and currents, boosted by the gravitational forces that control the ocean’s tides.

Those fluid, free-flowing lines accentuate the freedom of life on the water and blend into their environment in complete harmony with nature. AQUA is configured with a with a five-deck set up, utilizing forward interior space through the high sheer line which subtly descends from bow to aft.

The yacht has been designed to provide those on board with the closest possible proximity to the water. The aft deck features a unique and innovative series of platforms cascading down towards the sea, while a large swim platform allows all AQUA passengers to enjoy the optimal experience of accessing the water at sea level.


Circular indulgence

The indoor health & wellness center is a water-world of serenity, where the reflecting waves of the water feature complement the onboard environment with their soft, vibrating motion. Entering this world feels like a subtle spiritual transition; from the relaxed openness of the main lounge to the healing atmosphere of this AQUA-typical spa.

The experience is heightened by passing through the sensational circular tunnel which contains the steps leading from the main lounge on the beach deck to this ‘mare tranquillum’ in the lower deck. The fullness of the experience is further underlined by the moon-shaped portals surrounding the central lobby, which leads to the gymnasium and massage room.


Hydro workout

AQUA contains an exclusive hydro massage room, where passengers can revel in massages administered by soothing, pressurized water jets. Hydro massage therapy is extremely relaxing and is purported to help alleviate sports injuries as well as muscle and soft tissue ailments. Invented by the Romans, hydro massage remains one of the most popular, wellbeing-enhancing massage techniques.

The gymnasium provides a sensational experience with its massive, gym-wide hatch which opens to reveal the ocean’s surface at water level, creating the perception of exercising and relaxing on an island in the sea. A yoga space and workout floor, complete with cycling apparatus and weightlifting dumbbells for a total body workout, are arranged side by side. This allows all gym users to enjoy the magnificent views and close proximity to the water, while being protected by the strengthened panoramic glass window.


Focus on what matters

The indoor health & wellness center is a water-world of serenity, where the reflecting waves of the water feature complement the onboard environment with their soft, vibrating motion. Entering this world feels like a subtle spiritual transition; from the relaxed openness of the main lounge to the healing atmosphere of this AQUA-typical spa.

The experience is heightened by passing through the sensational circular tunnel which contains the steps leading from the main lounge on the beach deck to this ‘mare tranquillum’ in the lower deck. The fullness of the experience is further underlined by the moon-shaped portals surrounding the central lobby, which lead to the gymnasium and massage room.


Connecting skies and water

Situated at AQUA’s core, the spectacular circular staircase is one of the yacht’s defining features, winding down from the top deck to the lower deck. The elegant staircase floats naturally in place around a cylindrical void.

A spectacular art piece is located at the bottom, suggesting the endless ocean depths as a reflection of the eternal skies suspended over the top skylight. The intriguing, finely crafted detailing of the wood balustrade seems to defy gravity and catches elegant reflections produced by the wave structure of the artwork at the bottom floor. Backlit crafted glass inserts in the steps accentuate the motif of flowing water, trickling down from the bridge deck.

A true spectacle manifests itself at the lowest level, facing aft, where two massive liquified hydrogen tanks reveal their hexagonal textured surface structure behind a giant façade of strengthened glass.


and freedom

The spectacular, extremely spacious and beam-wide owner’s pavilion, occupying the front half of the upper deck, offers an abundance of privacy. The pavilion is arranged in a vast open-plan area of interlinked spaces, divided by finely crafted wooden screens providing intimacy and subdued lighting. Both at the starboard and port sides, floor-to-ceiling band windows supply an incredible impression of openness and freedom.

The ceiling, at a height that varies from an ample 280cm to an impressive 380cm at the large central skylight, is supported by an intricately crafted wooden structure. Below this, and depending on each owner’s preferences and hobbies, the vast owner’s pavilion can be filled with art, musical instruments or other objects of desire, in an informal setting of ultimate comfort, light and luxury.

Owners Bathroom

Symmetrical Harmony

AQUA’s large master bathroom is accessed directly from the bedroom section in the owner’s pavilion. The striking symmetry, balancing his-and-hers vanity and shower units, creates a composition of refined and considered proportions. Every detail of the bathroom reflects a sense of scale and skilled workmanship. Shapes and materials interact and combine to create an elementary yet luxurious atmosphere.

The use of premium surface finishes, such as the pitch-black, highly reflective precious marble floor, accentuates the timelessness of the interior. The sense of harmony is reinforced by amazing views over the ocean; scenery that can be enjoyed from the showers and the free-standing bathtub alike.

VIP Cabin

Embracing Tranquility

Located on AQUA’s beach deck, close to the waterline, the spacious and naturally outfitted VIP state rooms stand out by virtue of their spacious design and highly elaborate furniture. The rooms are specifically designed to offer guests the best possible environment in which to enjoy their time on board, cleverly combining optimal use of space with perfect ocean views through the giant band windows.

The VIP cabin and other state rooms are focused on openness, luxury and comfort, providing a maximum sense of freedom in a highly detailed minimalist Japanese beach-style setting. Textured silk carpets, fully customized furniture pieces in sustainable woods and the use of multiple textures in wall and ceiling paneling all create an atmosphere of ultimate hospitality and natural tranquility.

Beach Deck Lounge

Fluid Hospitality

AQUA’s beach deck lounge is a sensational constellation of interlocking spaces, and as such represents the nexus of onboard hospitality. Its inner section supplies a secluded fine dining setting, for 14 guests, providing an elevated platform for additional privacy with its surrounding, hand-crafted wooden screens.

Towards the aft deck, a comfortable, custom-designed circular settee is ideal for hosting informal chats while enjoying the seascape view through the floor-to-ceiling glass façades.

The circular setting can also be rotated to transform it into a home cinema. To the aft deck, where the infinity pool cascading to sea level begins, sets of highly comfortable lounge chairs are grouped together, accommodating the best views of the ocean and providing an unlimited indoors-outdoors experience.


World of Relaxation

The majority of time on board AQUA is spent outside, both during the day and the evening in good weather. As a consequence, providing comfort and privacy is vital for maximizing quality time outside, whether this involves dining, partying, relaxing or enjoying poolside drinks at sunset – or just letting one’s mind roam freely over endless seascapes.

The relaxing lounge setting makes this deck incomparably conducive to spending memorable times with family and friends. The inside and outside of this vast space can be connected by opening the curved, sliding, floor-to-ceiling glass doors, enabling intimate alfresco dining or extensive sunbathing in absolute privacy. The deck furniture has been completely custom-made by the finest craftsmen, and is upholstered in soft fabrics with colorful throw pillows and piping details.

Upperdeck loung

Unwind and Recharge

AQUA’s upper deck lounge, adjacent to the owner’s pavilion, is where hospitality, socializing and interaction with the marine environment intertwine. With its full glass façades and open exterior decks, the ever-changing views will never cease to astonish. The relaxed lounge setting and extensive al fresco dining facilities create a deck which is tailor-made for spending treasured times with family and friends.

For more private dining, a secluded setting can be created, connecting to the lounge with the use of the sliding shoji grid screens. All furniture pieces are custom-designed and combine ultimate comfort with fine detailing and rich fabrics. Natural materials and a balanced application of grids and wood structures define the spaces in well-proportioned sections. Everything contributes towards a harmonious ambience in which the owner, family and friends can truly experience the ocean in all its magnificence and unwind from the tensions of daily life.

Upper Deck Aft

Invite the light

At AQUA, the natural connection between the inside and outside space is a particularly appealing aspect of the superyacht’s design concept. In addition to al fresco dining and lounging, an outdoor cinema can be created in which the best audiovisual media can be savored in an awe-inspiring setting above the seas.

Gel fueled fire bowls contribute towards an intimate feel while allowing passengers to still experience the great outdoors in all its beauty. One could easily forget where the interior ends and the outside begins, as both cease to feel like separate spaces: freedom, relaxation and comfort are constant factors throughout, heightening the overall experience.

Wheel House

Technology at your fingertips

AQUA’s wheelhouse, located under the bubble hood-shaped roof on the bridge deck, is designed as a cockpit with a 360° view all around, creating both a great working environment and a spectacular space in which the owner and guests can enjoy the operation of the yacht. The wheelhouse is equipped with state-of-the art systems and head-up display technology. Designed to meet all nautical requirements and fulfil additional demands in decades to come, the wheelhouse can work at the captain’s ease or perform under pressure as and when required.

Aqua Room

Views worth a thousand words

The AQUA room provides the last word in relaxation, in which the owner can enjoy music, enjoy the scenery and enjoy life. This observatory is located at the bow, at the far end of the owner’s pavilion, and offers a top-of-the-world feeling and endless views from the best position on board. The space is unique by design and function, and the spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows eliminate all borders between the viewers and the seascape, offering an incredible outlook for those on the floating daybed.

The ornamental shape of the stainless-steel sculpted support structure provides a focal point of unexpected beauty and adds a high-quality touch to the experience of the AQUA room. Perfect for marveling at the immense expanse of the outside world, it is an enchanting place where ideas are born and dreams come true, to share with others or preserve as a secret hideaway.